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We are the leading provider of in-home ABA therapy in the Midwest

Immediate Openings for Clients Interested in Our AHSS Autism Centers in Arlington Heights and Northbrook

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Why Choose Autism Home Support Services (AHSS)?

From our unique Family Support Team and in-house insurance team to our passionate, trained therapists, AHSS assists families throughout the entire experience. We provide in-home ABA therapy in the Chicago, Detroit and Denver metropolitan areas – providing home visits in these cities as well as in their surrounding suburbs. We also have autism centers that are located in the Chicago suburbs, for those who prefer a center-based environment.

Insurance Support

Do you have coverage for ABA? AHSS will help you verify existing coverage or help you obtain coverage if you do not have it. Learn more.

The Importance of Early Intervention

Studies prove that early intervention yields the best outcome. The efficacy of ABA therapy is recognized by the National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Surgeon General.

Overview of Verbal Behavior 2-day Workshop (ROCKFORD)

October 4 & 5, 2016


Two days of evidence-based Analysis of Verbal Behavior approach to enhance communication with students with autism.


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Doctors and autism community leaders send us the majority of our clients.

6 reasons to work with AHSS

Featured article

ABA Team from South Korea visits AHSS Autism Center!

We had a fantastic opportunity yesterday when five women who work at an ABA center in South Korea came to see our AHSS Autism Center in Arlington Heights. AHSS Senior Recruiter Johna Sommer met them at the ABAI 2016 conference last weekend, and they requested a visit for a tour and to observe a session!

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Story of hope

“The child has been with the company since she was two and half, and she is now turning five in couple of weeks. She is going to be one of the recovery stories! Her language and academic skills are age appropriate, and she is just working on some minor problem behaviors and social skills currently. This was all possible because she started therapy at such a young age! ” Thank you for all the great work, team!

BCBA, Cheryl H, shared this story about her client.

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