Dr. Marrea Winnega, Head of School Consulting Practice

Dr. Marrea Winnega, Head of School Consulting Practice

Dr. Marrea Winnega heads Autism Home Support Services’ School Consulting practice. Dr. Winnega is a graduate of Loyola University, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology with cum laude honors. She earned her PhD in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she has also served as Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of Autism Service. In addition, Dr. Winnega holds a Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification to support her over 20 years of post-doctoral experience working with children on the spectrum, their families, and educators.

Dr. Winnega’s particular areas of expertise include assisting teachers and school administrators in understanding autism and providing appropriate learning environments for children to achieve their full potential. She has provided assessments, training and consultations to more than a dozen school systems in the Chicago metropolitan area and is widely respected for her knowledge, problem solving and communication abilities. She has particular expertise in a broad range of behavior analysis methodologies including verbal behavior, structured teaching, addressing problem behaviors, developing social skills, visual supports, and classroom methodologies. She has a passion for working with young adults with Aspergers and assisting in vocational training.

Posted on September 4, 2012

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  1. I am the professional development coordinator for the Eisenhower Cooperative in Crestwood, IL. I am interested in getting information on topics related to autism that Dr. Winnega provides in workshops. Can you email me this information?

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