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10 Fun Activities for Children with Autism – BLOG

By Jessy McCulloch, Autism Home Support Services

Let’s be honest, “What are we going to do today?” can be a terrifying question. Because sometimes we have no idea! Art and crafts activities can be a fun way to pass the time (and weather!). But when it comes to children on the autism spectrum, not all crafts are created equal. has compiled this helpful list of 10 activities that teachers and parents love to do with their special needs children. These do more than just pass the time though; and they can be just as fun and beneficial for your neurotypical kiddos!  For example:

  • Make Number Rubbings “They’ll work the small muscles in their hands and improve eye-hand coordination.”
  • Play the Matching Halves Game “This matching activity is a great way to introduce children to the concept of puzzles, and to satisfy many special needs kids who crave order and simplicity.”

If you’re not the craftiest person by nature, don’t worry! Each suggestion comes with a link to specific instructions regarding What You Need and What You Do for the activity. And the fun doesn’t even have to stop there — some of the activities, like Sculpt Clay Snowflakes, are followed up with a fun fact to enhance and continue the fun and learning!

Hold onto these activities and never be caught off guard by, “What are we going to do today” again!



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