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4 Common Myths About Autism

by Jessy McCulloch, Autism Home Support Services

We’ve talked about how much children with autism and their loved ones have benefited from an significant increase in autism awareness. But in spite of that, there are still some myths that just refuse to go away.

In this article, those myths are debunked by experts one-by-one as they highlight eye-opening information:

  • “New research has pinpointed lack of eye contact as a warning sign of autism in babies as young as 2 months – before they’ve received most of their shots.”
  • “Many [autistic] kids are great at math, science, and technology – but they can also be great artists, or musicians. We’re just beginning to understand their potential.”
  • “…when children receive intensive behavioral therapy they can develop the social and communication tools they lack.”

As far as we’ve come in increasing awareness, our work is nowhere near done. Keep talking, and most importantly, KEEP LEARNING! Then when you hear myths and inaccuracies being perpetuated, speak up so that others can keep learning too.


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