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5 Reasons Why People With ASD are Great Parents

8.19Often times, autism makes life harder for those who are affected. Other times, individuals with autism can see and experience things better than their neurotypical friends and peers. This dad blogger worried that his autism would affect his ability to be a good dad. However, it seemed that his autism helps him more than it hurts him. In this article, he listed 5 ways his autism makes him a great dad. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Routine: Because his autism helps him to focus on routines, his kids always know what to expect from him and vice versa, which results in a very transparent relationship.
  • Resilience: He is very compelled to finish things he starts, which sends a great message to his kids… Never give up!
  • Reflection: While his autism may make him less social, it enables him to take time to process things and reflect. His kids see him as a thinker and learn to think before they speak.

That goes to prove it:  While autism can provide struggles at times, it can at other times be an incredible gift. The rest of Lamar Hardwick’s article about ways that his autism helps him in parenting can be found here:

by Gauri Rangrass, Social Media Intern


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