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Why I Do What I Do – Real Progress

Katie Null, BCBA Specialist

Katie Null, BCBA Specialist

I started working with 3 year old [boy] M last May. At that time he was working on simple sorting, matching, and stacking tasks. We worked on joint attention, eye contact, and his ability to point to familiar family members. He was unable to communicate his wants and needs, socialize with his twin brother, or toilet independently. He would also chew on small items which was a choking hazard.

Seven months later, M:
  • is using his words and PECS to communicate his wants and needs,
  • can say Mommy and Daddy,
  • is almost done with toilet training,
  • and has been engaging in pretend play with his twin brother.

He has increased his functional play and hasn’t chewed on small toys in over 2 months!

And Mom recently told me that M had said “love you” to his dad.

That is why I do what I do.

by Katie Null, BCBA Specialist
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