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A proud sister shares WWDWWD as her brother STEPs up

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My brother Josh was diagnosed at the age of three with ASD when it was a 1:150 ratio. I immediately knew what my life’s purpose was — to help people like my brother. On the training team for AHSS we teach new hires that families who receive an Autism diagnosis are constantly grieving. Will my child make friends? Will they drive? Will they go to college will they get married? Anything is possible!

I do what I do so that families can celebrate because although there are things to grieve in life. There is also so much to celebrate!!!

Kira Rocha, CTM Trainer-AHSS, Rockford Region


Kira Rocha is an exceptionally proud sister today and with good reason — her younger brother, Joshua, who is on the autism spectrum is going to college at Eastern Illinois University! He was accepted out of 20 kids to participate in their Students with autism Transitional Education Program, or STEP. She’s graciously included us in their momentous day, and we’re thrilled to bring you along for the (P)ride! 

Watch Josh as he describes the STEP program and shares what he’s most excited about in going to college.  

Watch (and listen!) as he shares his thoughts on what he wishes people knew about people autism, what he’d tell parents who have a child with autism, and of course…Go Panthers

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