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ACA Workshop Presentations Available for Download Here!

Worried you missed out because you couldn’t make our How to Obtain Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy  seminar on October 30th? You haven’t! We are making the materials from both of the seminar’s presentations available here.

First up was Charles Delaney (State Government Affairs Department, Autism Speaks), who discussed strategies you can use to convince your Self-Funded employer to cover ABA Therapy. He also reviewed changes to a new Federal Law, which will require state Medicaid policies to cover ABA. Autism Speaks has helped hundreds of families approach their companies about adding an autism benefit, and they can help you too! Download Delaney Presentation HERE! 

Next up was William Luvisi (President, Senior Consultants, Inc.), who shared his experiences over the past year helping families purchase ACA health care policies that cover ABA therapy. He provided real examples of policies, including premium costs, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. He also discussed ACA income subsidies, as well as the options of removing a child from your corporate policy and buying an individual policy.  Download Luvisi Presentation HERE! 

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