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Adults with Autism Often Have Less Opportunity

adults crisis point quote 4.23.15By Jonathan Slack, Market Research & Development Specialist

According to a new study, about one in ten young adults on the autism spectrum have nothing to do all day and have limited opportunities in the workforce. While some adults with autism cannot hold jobs because they are severely impacted and have limited speech, many others have the intellectual capability to work but lack the skills necessary to hold a job. For example, many individuals on the autism spectrum lack social skills, so job interviews are difficult and oftentimes show them in an unflattering light.

Hopefully the future will be brighter for adults on the autism spectrum. Children are being diagnosed with autism at younger and younger ages, and research has shown that Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and other therapies are most effective the younger a child is.

Early diagnosis and therapy will help many individuals gain the skills they need for the workplace (including social skills). While it is sad that so many adults on the spectrum grew up during a time when autism was not well known, at least the next generation of autistic children that will age into adulthood will be at an advantage moving forward.


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