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AHSS Progress Pieces – Best Behavior

After patience, time, the right approach, progress pieces square logo.pngand a lot of hard work, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a child empowered by real progress.

All of the small victories accomplished along the way are pieces of the bigger puzzle, and that got us thinking, Why not celebrate and share those progress pieces too? So that’s exactly what we’re doing!  

And it’s not just our kiddos who are empowered with progress – our team members feel the benefits personally & professionally! 

1) She’s a natural! 

One of my kiddos began engaging in severe aggression all of a sudden. Through hard work, functional analysis, and teamwork, we changed our approach and started using more natural-environment teaching coupled with an increase in choice/control for the child. She is now doing so well (has near zero episodes of aggression) that we never needed to implement a formal behavior plan! Her school teacher even contacted me to say what a difference she has noticed in this child. Katie N.

2) More changes, no problems

Feedback from a CTM supporting a child in the community who has some challenges with social skills and emotional regulation: He was the best-behaved

7.20.17 best behaved in camp.jpg

youngster in the camp setting! Even without the structure that he typically needs, he handled the unruly behavior of the other campers without engaging in negative behavior. Tera W. 

3) Meltdown free Memorial Day

We have a newer kiddo (just started services this year) who’s four years old. He sometimes likes to engage in headbutting or rough play without realizing that he might be hurting others. We have been working on having him check in with others to make sure they’re ok and to ask before starting to wrestle. On Memorial Day, his parents got a bounce house – such an event would usually result in many meltdowns and physical altercations but not this time! He was in there for HOURS with no issues! –Taragene M. 

**These statements (solicited from AHSS staff) represent a quick snapshot of a moment in time. Each child with autism is unique and on their own journey. Your child’s journey will be different than any other child’s, including those depicted here. If you would like more information on the progress possible for your child, please call 844-AHSS-ABA.

Every week we’ll share progress pieces from our team. We invite you to share yours as well & embrace the positivity!

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