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AHSS Progress Pieces – Too Cool in School

After patience, time, the right approach, progress pieces square logo.pngand a lot of hard work, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a child empowered by real progress.

All of the small victories accomplished along the way are pieces of the bigger puzzle, and that got us thinking, Why not celebrate and share those progress pieces too? So that’s exactly what we’re doing!  

And it’s not just our kiddos who are empowered with progress – our team members feel the benefits personally & professionally! 

1) The Graduate  

I have a client I started working with last September. He had already been receiving ABA therapy with AHSS for a little over a year at that time. He has made some great progress in his language and social development in the short time he’s been with us and is now ready to graduate! He is participating in a full day of school without support and Mom shared gratitude for where he is now, saying she never thought he could get to a place where he is so successful in learning from those around him. Yay! -Elizabeth R.

 2) College Man  

Josh, Big Man on Campus!

My brother is doing awesome and is obsessed with college!  He’s joining so many outside groups! He’s making friends and is vocal about what he needs to his mentors and peers! 

He is now officially home for winter break after a successful first semester. He has also begun getting involved with his first theatre play helping with stage production. He wants to be involved with movies. -Kira R.

3) Classic Conversation

When CTM Paige H. and I started working with E, he had very little vocal communication. Today during our team meeting Mom told us about a CONVERSATION she had with him. I put that in all caps because it’s such a huge deal!!

Mom: What did you do at school today?

E: I played with my friends.

M: What friends did you play with?

E: I played with Sully and Skylar. We went down the slide.

When she told us this my jaw dropped! She said she started tearing up because she was so happy! -Jade B.

**These statements (solicited from AHSS staff) represent a quick snapshot of a moment in time. Each child with autism is unique and on their own journey. Your child’s journey will be different than any other child’s, including those depicted here. If you would like more information on the progress possible for your child, please call 844-AHSS-ABA.

We love sharing progress pieces from our team! We invite you to share yours as well & embrace the positivity!

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