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AHSS Progress Pieces – Triumphs in Toileting!

After patience, time, the right approach, progress pieces square logo.pngand a lot of hard work, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a child empowered by real progress.

All of the small victories accomplished along the way are pieces of the bigger puzzle, and that got us thinking, Why not celebrate and share those progress pieces too? So that’s exactly what we’re doing!  

And it’s not just our kiddos who are empowered with progress – our team members feel the benefits personally & professionally! 

1) Steady Progress

2/22/2017 – My three year old has successfully used the toilet three times in the past two sessions!  Fingers crossed this continues! 

3/30/2017 – He has not mastered potty training yet, but he has used the toilet four more times since then. Prior to that he had only gone twice in the six months we’ve worked with him, so his rate of success has definitely increased! 

4/17/2017 – He continues to make slow but steady progress with toileting. However, we are taking a casual approach since he is having some progress without an intensive procedure and the bulk of his hours are at his grandparents’ house. They were not comfortable letting him go without pullups until just this week, and his family has noted that he goes on the toilet a lot more at home where he just wears underwear than when he is in pullups (which makes sense). He is now in underwear-only during therapy hours! –Aislin B.

2)  Toileting Twins  

Since starting the toileting program with my clients, who are three-year-old twins, both clients are consistently going potty in the toilet each day. The clients stay seated on the toilet for approximately 5 minutes (with a 10-minute limit to avoid resistance to sitting). highfiving boys.jpgBoth kiddos are maintaining dry diapers on a more regular basis. There have also been several occasions when one will approach the baby gate and independently/spontaneously request to go to the bathroom using gestures – and he will actually sit down and go potty when he does request to go! Both twins also will go through the toileting program with their parents, and the parents are seeing the same result that we therapists see. So they’re both going potty in the toilet for mom and dad when AHSS staff are not in the home.

In order for the skill to be truly mastered we need to know that it can happen across multiple settings and with various people and that is what we’re starting to see now. One of the twins started the program in early April and the other started towards the end of April — both are approaching mastery criteria for going potty in the toilet each day! –Ashley M. 

**These statements (solicited from AHSS staff) represent a quick snapshot of a moment in time. Each child with autism is unique and on their own journey. Your child’s journey will be different than any other child’s, including those depicted here. If you would like more information on the progress possible for your child, please call 844-AHSS-ABA.

Every week we’ll share progress pieces from our team. We invite you to share yours as well & embrace the positivity!

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