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Expanding Our Therapy Reach Includes Center-Based Learning

Expand therapy reach new centerA yoga instructor once began class by telling the group that, “the hardest part is over because you made it to your mat today.” The parallel into the autism and the ABA world is similar. You, the parent, have sifted through many available resources for your child and you’ve made your way to Autism Home Support Services (AHSS). Over the last five years AHSS has become a leader in providing quality in-home ABA services using Board Certified Behavior Analysts.
With ABA adaptive skills are learned, practiced and generalized. Challenging behaviors can be decreased or eliminated. The benefits of ABA are many, but notably it is customizable. To maximize the positive impact, clinicians will often look to the environment in which therapy is conducted as a child’s needs will often dictate the most ideal location.
It is with great excitement that Autism Home Support Services can announce that we are expanding our therapy reach to also include center-based learning. In the coming months, your child’s programming will be enhanced through our ability to determine if the center environment or the home environment would promote more meaningful gains. In-home programming allows for learning to take place in a natural environment, where certain tasks like toothbrushing or making a bed can be executed using the typical space and materials. Center-based learning allows for a more tightly controlled environment, including the therapy space and access to highly motivating items (reinforcers) that are used to promote new and emerging skills. Center-based learning allows for your child to interact with same-aged and same ability level peers, which would be harder to arrange in the home environment. Your child’s BCBA can determine the environment that best suits their needs and can also ensure that the skills learned in one environment, like the center, can transfer into the home environment if that transition is needed.
The opening of our new center allows for increased flexibility and individualization of programming for the children and families whose lives we are touching. While that will not be the only challenging part of your journey, you’re on your proverbial mat and ready to practice with AHSS, who is committed to quality and results. We’re very excited about our new possibilities and we hope you are, too!

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