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I love what I do! – Why we do what we do

Ronisha Crenshaw 11.25.15There are literally a million and one reasons why I love doing what I do, so I will try my best to keep it short for a WWDWWD post. Before I became an employee at Autism Home Support I worked at a homeless shelter that focused on helping women with children. Although I truly enjoyed helping the families at the shelter I just knew something was missing in my career. That’s when I ran across Autism Home Support’s job openings. I had no clue that a simple application submission would change my life forever.

Before I go any further maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Ronisha Crenshaw. I am a Lead Care Team Member for AHSS, and I have been with the company for two years. These past two years have been amazing! I am able to go to work, have fun, teach amazing kids, and learn from them all at once. It’s the simple things at work that keeps me smiling, such as clients waiting for me at the door for my arrival or even the genuine “thank you” from the amazing families I have met.

For example, one day I arrived to work early and my client was standing at the door. I then asked mom does he do this every day and she said, “No only on the days he knows you are coming. He truly enjoys you. He says mommy Nisha.”

core values paintingWhy we do what we do? It’s the immediate grabbing of my hand as soon as my client sees my face lit with enthusiasm. I love what I do because I have the ability to build strong relationships with aggressive kiddos — the kids who are very much misunderstood but just want someone around who truly cares about them. Oh and how can I forget:  I love what I do because I work with the coolest, fun, and most down-to-earth people!

Last but not least, it’s the big smiles that all my clients give me daily that help me get through the many challenges in my life. I know I was put here on earth to help people, but this job has confirmed that my passion, my drive, and all my hard work is needed to so many families. And I have no problem giving them 100%  of myself on a daily basis to benefit all the kiddos I interact with.

I love what I do every single day because it is a part of me, it’s my calling, and because my kiddos need me and I need them! I love what I do because I get to hear my kiddos say:

  • “I did it! I drink water Nisha!”
  • “I did it! I brush my teeth!”
  • “Look Nisha, I can do it!”

How could I not love what I do?!

by Ronisha Crenshaw, Lead CTM, AHSS

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