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How to Make Kids on the Spectrum Feel Included

7.8 handsMost people have good intentions when they try to include autistic individuals in their social interactions and conversations. However, sometimes they may unintentionally say or do things that draw attention to the autistic person’s tics and cause embarrassment. Here are some tips from a mom (via The Mighty) on how to best include kids on the spectrum so they feel welcomed:

1) Take the time to learn about autism

If you aren’t sure how to interact with an autistic person, it’s okay to ask. Also, there are great resources to learn about autism on the internet, where you can learn about more common symptoms such as sensory overload and generalized anxiety. Learning about autism will make it easier to empathize with the friend you’re trying to include.

2) Treat kids with autism the way you would treat any other kid

Including them in activities with other people their age will help them with their socialization skills. Also, when speaking to a kid with autism, many make the mistake of having a falsely over-enthusiastic tone of voice. This can come off as insulting and alienating to the individual.

3) Accept what makes them different

Don’t react or draw attention to their hums, tics, or flaps. That is a part of who they are. Calling attention to these things that make him different may embarrass them and make them less likely to interact.

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by Gauri Rangrass, Social Media Intern

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