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How to Make Your 4th of July Autism-Friendly

fourth of julyWhile the Fourth of July is one of the most spirited days of the year, it can sometimes be overwhelming for children with ASD because of all the sensory stimulation. Lauren Elder of Autism Speaks wrote a list of ways that parents and family can make the fourth easiest for their loved one on the spectrum. Here are some of our favorites!

1) Bring headphones to block out excessive noise

Because fireworks are so loud and there will likely be a lot of people at public fourth of July festivities, it’s good to keep a pair of headphones on hand in the case that all the noise makes your child anxious.

2) Make sure your child knows how to ask for a break

It’s helpful to establish a method of telling you they need a break from the situation, such as handing you a special card. Even if your child is verbal, visual aids tend to work well with children on the spectrum.

3) Focus on the fun!

Keep reminding your child how much fun it’s going to be. By showing your excitement, it will get them excited too!

Read more of these helpful tips at the link below:

by Gauri Rangrass, Social Media Intern

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