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Progress and Why we do what we do

Here is another testimonial of how incredibly impactful our teams have been. Sometimes, progress is not fast, but with the right patience, care, and support, it always comes.
J is a 13 year old boy. He has been a client for 4 years. This weekend, he played with his brother for the first time. It was completely spontaneous and independent.! He and his brother chased each other and wrestled for thirty minutes! Both J and his brother had huge smiles on their faces and were both laughing the entire time. Mom said that she has been waiting 13 years for this.
Great job to CTMs Carolyn Hoffer, Mark Clauser and Tiffany Rivera!
–from Stephanie Howard, BCBA Specialist, AHSS
We couldn’t be more grateful for our amazing BCBAs, CTMs, Client Service Coordinators, and Family Support Coordinators who work with our clients and change lives! This is #WhyWeDoWhatWeDo here at AHSS!
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