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Learning to Ask – Why we do what we do

Another wonderful story about why we do what we do:

7.28.16 AHSS wwdwwd puzzle heart“BCBA Marrea Winnega, Cara Lucas, and I all work with a client who was not engaging in functional communication and would line up toys and stare at them at the start of service. If he wanted juice, he would simply throw his cup into the kitchen. One and a half years later, he looked directly at me, said “be right back,” entered his kitchen, requested juice, returned to the therapy area, sat, and said “okay” to indicate he was ready to return to task. Now when we play together he pretends objects are phones and he calls me to ask how I am doing. It has brought all of us true joy to see him grow and we look forward to all that the future holds for him.”

Keep up the awesome work, team! Thank you for sharing!

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