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Panasonic's Electric Horse

Panasonic developed a “Core Muscle Trainer” to serve as a no impact, strength training device in the home. They already have received endorsement From the American Diabetic Society as a way for elderly (and usually overweight and sedentary) diabetic... Read More

Prompt Hierarchy Education

Prompt Hierarchy Education There are many prompting strategies in the world today, but the approach you will hear about most often in ABA therapy is the use of prompting hierarchies: most-to-least and least-to-most. A most-to-least prompting strategy is used when the student is learning a new... Read More

Social Stories

Social stories help children learn the skills they need to make good choices that will increase their social acceptance and life skills. They work because they relate to the child’s life experiences, are visual and are written in a language a child can... Read More

Sweet Dreams, iPad

My son is just crazy about his iPad. And when I say crazy, I mean it goes everywhere with us. Yes, especially the bathroom! The poor gadget hasn’t seen 100% battery life since back in January when we became proud owners of our 5th addition to the family.... Read More

Selecting a school

Selecting a school or residential program for your child is a big decision and finding the right fit can be stressful. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. The important thing to remember is to be prepared. Sit down and talk about the things that matter most and make a... Read More

Back to reality

Yep, it’s almost time to rush off to the nearest Office Max and catch the early bird specials on back-to-school supplies. It seems either August is approaching faster than I can grip my mind around or the fact that my son is still staying up until almost 2 a.m. is... Read More

Mixing fireworks with autism

When I was a kid, the fireworks were my favorite event of the summer. Every year we all hopped happily into the car and drove to the waterside in my Virginia hometown to celebrate our country’s independence. There was nothing better than navigating through the... Read More
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