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Paving the path – why we do what we do

3.10.16 epitome of wwdwwdI went to a home team meeting last night with [BCBA] Stephanie Howard. It was amazing! The little guy, G, is doing so well. We have changed this family’s lives. He is a different child from 1 year ago. He greeted me, asked me to watch him do his activities, engaged with me the entire visit, told me about his field trip, ate at the table, showed me his favorite items, hugged me goodnight…the list goes on and on!!
The parents are working so hard too. They were on their way to unhappiness until AHSS, Stephanie, & team got to work! I told the family I have never been prouder, more encouraged, and so happy to see them relaxed, smiling, and laughing. It was the epitome of why we do what we do! Stephanie and I agree that we we turned this family in a direction that will forever positively impact the path we have paved!
Laura Perisin, Family Support Coordinator
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