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Social Stories

Social stories help children learn the skills they need to make good choices that will increase their social acceptance and life skills. They work because they relate to the child’s life experiences, are visual and are written in a language a child can understand.  I work with a child whose mom will be going on vacation soon for two weeks.  We all know that change is difficult for children on the spectrum and this is no exception.  Below is a social story that I plan to use to hopefully help the child during this time. The blanks will be filled in and I plan to add pictures to it as well.  Let me know if anyone else has any other ideas to help as well. Thanks!

Mom is taking a trip to ______.  She is going there for _______.  Mom will be gone for _________.  She will be leaving on ________and will return home on ___________.   I may feel sad that mom is not home.  Mom will miss me too! She can call me on the telephone so I can hear her voice and can also skype with her so that I can see her.  I will try to behave and practice my manners at home and at school.  Dad will take good care of me.  I will try to listen and be good for them.  Soon, mom will be back home and I’ll be with her again.

Dustin Heitter, AHSS Skills Coach

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