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Pride & Progress Video – Why we do what we do

AHSS Program Lead Aislin Bright shared this wonderful success story: 

93-percent-updatedI’ve been running sessions with my 5-year-old client, L, since March. His family primarily sought our services for help with L’s elopement, which kept the whole family stuck at home for much of the time. During baseline, L could hold his mother’s hand and walk next to her for less than 30 seconds before dropping to the floor or pulling away.

After shaping this behavior all spring and summer, the other day we were able to go out into the community for the first time! L held his mother’s hand for the entire walk to the park and later on the return home — over 7 minutes each way!  He stopped and waited when she did every time they needed to cross a street. He never pulled away or tried to run. We are so proud of him!

Great job empowering this kiddo and his family Aislin! Stories like these are truly why we do what we do!

Get started with AHSS today and see what we can do to empower your child’s progress toward hopes and dreams! 

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