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Selecting a school

Selecting a school or residential program for your child is a big decision and finding the right fit can be stressful. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. The important thing to remember is to be prepared. Sit down and talk about the things that matter most and make a list of questions that you need answered. Our wonderful BCBAs came up with the list of important questions to get you started.

Questions about staff:

What is your staff profile? What is their education, training, background, tenure, turnover rate? What is the client/staff ratio?
What is the protocol if staff calls off from work?
How many BCBA’s are on staff and what is their background?
What is your staff trained on?

Questions about program:

What is your method, technique or program used in your school?
What is your approach to programs?
How often are your clinical meetings? Your program reviews?
How do you update goals? What are goals that you focus on? How do you determine them?
How do you track data? How often will I be able to see the data?
What is the protocol if there are any unusual incidents (e.g., aggression, tantrum)?
Can I see any OIG (Office of Inspector General) documents?
What is your Quality Assurance approach/system?
What is the protocol for PRN (Prescribed as needed) drugs?


How do you communicate with parents? How often do you meet? How accessible are you?
Can I observe a session/day?
Can I come when my child is here?
Can I have some parent references to talk to?

What questions top your list? Add them in the comments!

— Maryanne Nugent, Mom and Director of Family Support

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