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A “Sprinkle of Special” for Father’s Day

In honor of this upcoming Father’s Day, we’ve asked some dads to write about what they LOVE about being a “dad of” autism. Our third entry is from AHSS Family Support Coordinator Laura Perisin’s husband, Peter Perisin. In his own words: 

The Perisin boys on Josh's first flight to Florida!

The Perisin boys on Josh’s first flight to Florida!

So I’ve often been asked, “What is it like to be a Dad of a son with autism?” My response is simple…It’s the same as if he were neurotypical, but with just a little sprinkle of special on top! Yes it’s unique and challenging, but it sure is rewarding in many ways too. My son having autism has actually brought out some quality characteristics in me that I never realized I had, and it does the same to others who are around him.

We’ve all become better people without even realizing it, and it’s because of him. He’s opened my eyes to a world that is completely different from the one I previously thought I knew, and it’s a good world.

It’s a world of patience, understanding, compassion, great people, and unconditional love which prevails over all and is always present! I always look at what he can do because he’s a beautiful boy with many, many gifts. For example, one of my son’s gifts is that he remembers, in specific details, things that we have done and the exact date we did them on.  So it’s kind of nice that I no longer have to remember, “When was the last time we went to the dentist?” Or, “When did you get a haircut last?” Or, “When was the last time we went to your grandparents’?” As long as he was with me, I always have it covered.

I continue to look forward to his future,because he’s making great strides and I can’t wait to see how this whole thing turns out. How exciting! I love you, Josh!!

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