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Tips to Prevent Wandering in Children with Autism

By Jessy McCulloch, Autism Home Support Services

Though studies confirm it, most parents are already well-aware that wandering (also known as elopement) is a huge source of stress for families with children on the autism spectrum. In fact, 58% of parents report wandering/elopement as the most stressful of ASD behaviors.

58 per cent wandering 4.8.15Is it any wonder why?

  • Nearly half of children with ASD attempt to wander or bolt from a safe, supervised place.
  • More than half of these wandering children go missing – often into dangerous situations.
  • Wandering occurs across all settings.
  • Behavior can begin early on, but may seem insignificant, and can even occur in those who have NOT shown tendencies in the past.

Fortunately, there are a significant amount of resources available (including our own free webinar), as well as tips on how to keep your children safe. Autism Speaks has a one-stop shop on their website called Preventing Wandering: Resources for Parents and First Responders. Please visit their page to learn more about what you can do to help keep your children safe.


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