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Ways Brain Tissue Research Helps Us Understand ASD


by Gauri Rangrass, Social Media Intern

Autism BrainNet is an organization that helps to facilitate research about autism through brain tissue research. These researchers who study the postmortem brain have made great advances in their’ understanding of autism. Here are a few ways, listed with full description at IanCommunity.Org, in which brain tissue research has been beneficial in the ongoing process of understanding autism.

1) Autism is a disorder of brain connectivity

2) Brain tissue settles the debate between genetic and environmental factors

3) Brain tissue has led to better animal models that help us better understand the development of autism

4) Autism does not always get better or worse over time; it changes

5) Treatments for autism should target the areas where brain cells meet

Brain tissue research is something that will continue to help researchers, therapists, and families better understand ASD. For more information and description, read the full article here:

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