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Ways Employers Can Be More Autism-Friendly

Many times parents with autism struggle with their children when in public. A big part of that might be the anxiety that comes with all the sensory input in stores and public places. Although parents can try their best to make their children with ASD feel more comfortable in these situationemployerss, that effort should also come from the individuals who work in these environments. Here are some ways that dad blogger Ron Sandison suggests that employers can be more autism-friendly:

1. Learn basic information on autism and sensory issues.

By browsing information on the Autism Speaks website as well as the Autism Society of America website, among others, employers can learn more about sensory overload and other issues children on the spectrum face while in public settings.

2. Ask the person with autism, parents or caregiver how you can best offer accommodations for their needs.

It can be extremely difficult for families with individuals on the spectrum to feel comfortable going out in public. Being comforting and supportive will but them at ease.

3. Have compassion for the family and child with autism.

If you would like to read more of Ron Sandison’s tips on how employer’s can make things easier for children with autism, click the link here:

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