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The following links are to autism-related websites that contain useful information for parents and caregivers. Autism Home Support Services Inc. does not endorse, validate, or advocate any claims or quality of services made by the listed providers, resources, or agencies.


National Autism Resources
  • American Academy of Pediatrics – Provides help with general child health care information and more specific guidelines concerning a pediatric issue.
  • Autism Internet Modules (AIM)  Series of modules, short videos on a variety of topics pertaining to ASD including but not limited to reinforcement, differential reinforcement, response interruption/redirection, transitioning between activities, diagnostics, assessments. Contains easy access, up-to-date information available to educators, professionals, and families who help and support individuals with autism.
  • Autism Society – Unites parents, families, and friends with autistic individuals and professionals in hopes of creating a stronger community world wide.
  • Autism Risk Management – Autism training and resources for law enforcement, emergency first responders, parents, educators, care providers, and the autism community
  • Autism Resources – Information and links regarding the developmental disabilities autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Autism Speaks – The nations largest autism science and advocacy organization dedicated to information regarding the science, awareness, advocacy, family services for families dealing with Autism.  Includes new findings, grants and resources.
  • – According to, individuals with a disability are more than twice as likely to experience persistent poverty, and make up almost 1/5 of our population. Their guide offers information on the different discount programs available to these individuals.
  • Global Autism Collaboration – A networking and collaboration system joining forces with numerous autism organizations to help solve issues dealing with the global autism health crisis.
Directory of Nonprofit Organizations and Other Community Resources
  • – A collection of Dr. Temple Granin’s books, pictures and information about living with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Family Support and Resource Center – Helpful website links and downloadable documents for families of children with disabilities with a goal of continuously expanding the center and keeping it current with the latest information available.
  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association – Creates an explanation and awareness of the  unique qualities of the Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) approach.
  • One Place for Special Needs Search Results. – Promoting resources and networks providing e-mail alerts on upcoming events and new products. Also contains a major search engine for specific information on a variety of special needs.
  • Parenting Autism Children – A plethora of resources and information including therapy, treatments, diets, and signs of autism on all parts of the spectrum. Also contains an educational toy store for special autistic needs in a safe learning environment.
  • TACA – Talk About Curing Autism. This website is dedicated to educating, empowering, and supporting families affected by autism by connecting them with professionals and allowing them to share stories and information with other families.
  • – Run by the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA). This website represents the needs and intrests of families affected by apraxia, so that each child has their best opportunity to develop speech
  • Autism One– A nonprofit, charity organization 501(c)(3) started by a small group of parents of children with autism. The website contains articles, blogs, a radio show, groups and forums.
  • The Mariposa School– A nonprofit school for children with autism in central North Carolina. Their website contains many helpful learning materials.
Tips and Resources from Experts
  • Autism & Dental Care – Guide for parents on oral treatment and health of children with autism.
  • Autism Resources for Parents: The Ultimate Guide – As part of their ongoing endeavor to provide families affected by autism with the latest information and advice, they have compiled a list of autism resources for parents. Download the Free Guide at the link.
  • GFCF Diet Intervention– A free resource for any parent who needs support implementing a gluten free – casein free diet (GFCF Diet).
  • Medline Plus – A service of the National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health providing individuals with trusted general health information.
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke – Serving the public in trying to reduce the burden of neurological disease through education and facts on autism.
  • Pubmed – PubMed comprises more than 19 million citations for biomedical articles from MEDLINE and life science journals
  • Tuck Sleep Foundation – Their free guide covers everything from a comprehensive overview of ASD, how it affects sleep, expert sleep management information for people with ASD, and much more.
  • View CDC Prevalence of Autism. This week, the CDC updated its biennial report of autism prevalence among the nation’s children, estimating that 1 in 54 children in the U.S. is on the autism spectrum. 
Help Build Autism Resources
Attorneys & Advocates
  • The Child & Family Law Center of the North Shore, Ltd. — Law firm started by Mary “Micki” Moran with practice areas in special education, juvenile, divorce and custody, DCFS matters, guardianship, and mental health law. One of her goals is to train parents to become effective advocates for their children in school.
  • The Law Offices of Charles P. Fox — Their mission is to vigorously represent students with special needs in all facets of special education law through advocacy, negotiation, and litigation to allow their clients to accomplish their educational goals. Also read their award-winning blog, Special Education Law Blog.
  • From Advocacy to Action — Special Education Advocate Pam Labellarte’s mission is to provide educational advocacy services to individuals with disabilities and their families, as well as provide guidance to parents to help develop and utilize their advocacy skills to meet the educational needs of their children.
  • MedicClaim Consultants — MCC helps you to underand and deal with health insurance companies and medical care providers. They assist individuals, businesses, and organizations with a full range of services to help simplify your life.
  • Wrightslaw — Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.
ABA, VBA Approach


  • Behavior Analyst Certification Board – National Certification and nonprofit organization established in 1998 to meet professional credentialing needs identified by behavior analysts, governments, and consumers or behavior analysis services. This organization is also a source for information on behavior analysis best practices, standards and research.
  • – Information and workshops for families, schools and clinicians that provide high-quality, effective interventions for children with disabilities and parents as well as provide training to other professionals in the delivery of these services.  Run by Jim Partington, PhD, BCBA-D
  • Carbone Clinic – Dr. Vincent Carbone is a leading practictioner of Verbal Behavior.  His website provides quality applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to persons with autism and related disabilities. Located in New York.
  • Behavior Change– Ph.D, P.A., Patrick McGreevy is a leading practitioner of ABA and Verbal Behavior. His website contains information about services as well as helpful tips.
  • Christina Burk- ABA– Christina Burk, M.A. created this website and is a great resource for parents and professionals looking for information on ABA and Verbal Behavior.


Illinois Autism Connections
  • Autism Chapters in Illinois – Autism Society of America. Contains good contact information
  • The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) – A network of resources for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Illinois. This organization was developed to provide services and local programs based on current research impacting more than 16,000 families a year in the state of Illinois.
  • Autism Society of Illinois ASI – Provides education, training, individual assistance and practical support for parents; increase public awareness of autism; offers a referral network of professionals.
  • Chicago Special Parent Magazine – Magazines for parents with special needs children. Also contains various blogs, news, and advice.
  • Family Support Network Home Page – Network is to unify individuals with disabilities and their families to advocate for funding, services, and community resources. This website helps families stay informed and encourages them to make their voices heard when it comes to the rights of their children.
  • Illinois Center for Autism – A non-for-profit, community-based, mental health treatment, and educational agency dedicated to serving people with autism (FACE)
  • Illinois Early Intervention Program:  A Guide for Families – This newly revised guide includes information on the Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Program, why EI services are important, how to find out whether your child is eligible for the EI program, starting and leaving EI services, your legal rights, and questions frequently asked by families. (Also available in Spanish)
  • Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association NSSRA Programs – Park and recreation programs for children with special needs.
  • NSSED – Northern Suburban Special Education District. Schooling for a full or half day with various different programs to fit certain special needs for children from elementary school to high school levels.
  • SEDOL – Special Education District of Lake County. Contains a calendar of events including workshops and programs over various topics pertaining to special needs children in the Lake County Area.
  • SEDOM – Special Education District of McHenry County. Helps meet the specific needs of students ages 3-21 with unique educational resources and provides special services, programs, and facilities.
Michigan Autism Connections
  • Ann Arbor Family — Southeast Michigan’s premier parenting resource – a valuable guide for parents, educators, and child-care providers.
  • Autism Alliance of Michigan — Leads collaborative efforts across the state that will improve the quality of life for individuals with autism through education, comprehensive services, community awareness, inclusion efforts, and coordinated advocacy.
  • Autism Society of Michigan — Committed to empowering individuals with autism and their families by offering educational resources and materials, workshops, seminars, and services.
  • Easter Seals Michigan — Offers help, hope, and answers to children and adults living with autism and other disabilities or special needs and their families.
  • Metroparent — The special needs resources channel on Metro Parent Daily provides parents whatever they’re searching for regarding an array of special needs, like a list of local resources and special education resources.
  • Michigan Alliance for Families — Provides information, support, and education for families who have children who receive special education services.
Colorado Autism Connections
  • The Arc of Colorado — Private not-for-profit statewide volunteer organization dedicated to support and advocacy for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Autism Community Store — Parent-owned autism and special needs resource that helps families, teachers, and therapists get hard-to-find products for kids with ASD and other special needs.
  • Autism Society of Colorado — Committed to empowering individuals with autism and their families by offering educational resources and materials, workshops, seminars, and services.
  • Autism Speaks (Colorado Resource Guide) — Links to advocacy, financial, legal resources and many more in Colorado!
  • Collaborative for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Options (CANDO) — An ad-hoc committee of the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council that supports the Ten Year Strategic Plan to expand the resources, services, and supports available to Colorado citizens with autism & all neurodevelopmental disabilities.
  • Colorado Parent — The special needs resources channel on Colorado Parent provides parents whatever they’re searching for regarding an array of special needs, like a list of local resources and special education resources
  • Colorado Respite Coalition — Group of families and community partners who have joined together to support Colorado families who are caring for individuals of all ages with special needs
  • Easter Seals Colorado — Offers help, hope, and answers  to children and adults living with autism and other disabilities or special needs and their families.
  • THRIVE Center — Federally mandated Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC) training and informing parents about special education and other topics related to having a child with special needs.
Related Sites & Resources
  • ABA of IllinoisApplied Behavior Analysis of Illinois has a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) with extensive experience developing and implementing quality, client-centered programs to provide positive behavior change. They use ABA to develop research-based strategies to address challenging behaviors or learning deficits by having a consultant look deeply into each specific case.
  • Autism Parenting Magazine – Autism Parenting Magazine is the leading magazine for parents of children with autism as well as professionals seeking to work with children on the spectrum.
  • Autism-society – Website created to increase public awareness about the day to day issues faced by people on the spectrum and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research, and advocacy.
  • CHADD- Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit Disorder – The nations leading nonprofit organization that provides education, advocacy, and support for individuals and families affected by AD/HD.
  • – Created by pre-k teacher Shelley Lovett for anyone who works with children on a daily basis. This site features developmentally appropriate hands-on learning activities for Pre-K – Kindergarten aged children.
  • – The Children’s Safety Network (CSN) is a national resource center for the prevention of childhood injuries, violence, and illness offering expertise on a wide range of injury topics.
  • – Mission to enhance the quality of early childhood programs by offering practical, innovative, and developmentally appropriate curriculum and assessment materials (REGISTER).
  • – This fast-growing health information site is aimed at helping people in their pursuit of health and wellbeing.
  • Interactive Planner for Caregivers – Resource created to help assist caregivers & families with planning and recording their special needs child’s daily schedule. Features allow users to record medication prescribed, meals, emergency contacts, games, and other daily routines.
  • – A free resource for American Sign Language students and teachers with categories in learning such as: visual, spatial, math, intellectual, stress and response.
  • – The latest Autism News articles published daily
  • – Brings injury prevention directly to kids and their families through online programs, hands-on-education, research and statistics, and public policy.
  • – ATOA- approved provider of continuing education opportunities that incorporate Therapeutic Listening, vestibular rehabilitation, and core development. Courses are also provided to keep participants up to date on current advancements in the field.
  • JJ’s List –  Over 400 reviews of businesses of service to those with disabilities. Works on bringing people with disabilities and business together for the benefit of both. Committed to help improve long term economic and social features of people with disabilities.
  • Playrooms for Learning – Designing the Perfect Home Playroom for Children with Autism – A Complete Guide.
  • – Is a Therapy Dog Right For Your Child? — A Complete Guide


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