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Insurance Support

Let our experts help you navigate the insurance maze.

Understanding your insurance coverage for autism and ABA therapy can be very confusing.


Insurance claims procedures vary significantly among insurance companies because treatments for Autism have only recently received standard Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes from the American Medical Association.

AHSS has a team of experienced insurance specialists who help families navigate the process to receive their maximum allowable benefits.

  • Our first goal is to help families understand the information they have about their insurance plan’s coverage and benefits so they have a realistic assessment of the specific coverage.
  • If a family’s insurance plan requires it, AHSS will work with the Primary Care Physician and insurance case manager to obtain referrals and authorizations.
  • Next, on our clients’ behalf, AHSS files claims biweekly to insurance companies according to the particular procedure for each insurance company.
  • We follow the progress of insurance payments to help ensure accurate and timely reimbursement. The family is not billed their portion until any issues are resolved.
  • We coordinate periodic requests from insurance companies for a summary of the progress that the child has made over a specific time frame.

AHSS is currently in-network with all major insurance providers.

Nonverbal client’s EI said he could not scan, he could not sit, he would not cooperate.  In 3 months we’ve almost mastered phase 1 of PECs, we’ve potty trained him using scheduled potty training, we’ve implemented some one word approximations (which he is doing great at) and he is discriminating between 3 pictures and matching. I almost cry during sessions just watching how far he has come! He used to tantrum and have severe compliance issues in the beginning! Now he complies, follows 1-2 step demands and actively participates during session with very minimum tantrums and/or non compliance.

Andrea Hall, Lead CTM, AHSS

shared this story regarding a nonverbal male client

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